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Rethinking The Relationship of Rock & Paper

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Did you play rock, paper, scissors as a kid? Here's a twist to the environment.

Using rocks, instead of trees to make paper! That's an idea that's a cut above.

A reliable, functional classic, the notebook- with a twist that rocks!

It's a tree-free notebook made from sustainably sourced mineral stone at a price that fits any budget.

Why We Love It!

5” x 7” Mineral Stone Field Spiral Notebook

Tree-Free Paper -The paper is made from sustainably sourced mineral stone that is completely wood-pulp free.

Order a sample or set up a time to visit our showroom to experience the super-smooth writing surface and test the rip-resistant, water-repelling paper for yourself.


Mineral stone paper is rip-resistant, and water-repelling — shedding splashes from your

water bottle or drips from your morning coffee.

Gift That Gives Back

One percent of sales are donated to environmental nonprofits through a partnership with 1% For The Planet

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