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Revamp Your Email Marketing

With the challenges surrounding face-to-face meetings, email marketing is more important than ever. As with social media, email marketing takes time and effort.

Here are a few things to consider:*

  • 99 percent of consumers check email every day – it's the preferred way to get updates from businesses

  • Email generates $38 for $1 spent, a 3,800 percent return on investment

  • 59 percent of survey respondents say marketing emails influence purchase decisions

  • As of July 2020, 78 percent of marketers had seen an increase in email engagement over the previous 12 months

What could you include in your message?

Email can be used to showcase new products, provide ideas for a gift occasion or give updates about your business. Offer a service? Go a step further and gift your readers a downloadable glimpse into the value you offer, or maybe a discount! Having trouble getting people to open your email? Create an eye-catching and intriguing subject line - make those receiving your email so curious that they WANT to open it month after month!

The most important piece to remember: keep content focused on a timely and relevant theme and mix up the content!

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*HubSpot and DMA National Client Email Report 2015

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