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Reward The Pinnacle of Achievement

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

As small business owners, who are also a "mom & pop", we love create opportunities and partnerships with other family owned businesses. On a recent trip Nashville to meet top supplier partners we discovered E.A Dion. Initially founded in 1968, this new partner offers beautiful, custom precious metal designs.

Normally we associate rings like these with athletes, but sports are not the only place champions are found.

Champions push through adversity to reach goals. Champions maintain a "winning" mindset. Champions are often found in advocates- pushing ideas and uplifting others towards a goal.

When we think of the meaning behind recognizing others, our desire is to provide an acknowledgement that is special, and commemorates hard work, dedication or skill.

The next time you want to:

  • Capture a benchmark year

  • A company merger

  • Brand launch

  • Grow awareness behind the race or tournament for a non-profit; wear it.

  • Acknowledge years of service

Let's discuss how wearable jewelry is an option for a keepsake gift. Looking for something more affordable than a Superbowl style ring?

How about badge holders, charms, necklaces, belt buckles, tie tacks, earring, cuff-links, money clips, bracelets and broaches.

Curious about these rings- yes, they are the real deal.

Some fun facts about Superbowl rings:

  • The NFL officially gives the winning team between $5,000 and $7,000 per ring for up to 150 rings. The rings usually end up costing anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 each with the difference in cost paid by the team’s owners.

  • The LA Rams ring had the most diamond carat weight in NFL history, with approximately 20 carats of white diamonds set on top of white and yellow gold.

  • The highest price ever paid for a Super Bowl ring is $230,401 in 2012. The ring was from Super Bowl 25 and previously belonged to New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor.

Inspired yet to create a custom project?

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