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Ripples Connect Communities

When you cast stone in the water, it creates ripples that cascade around the body of water, touching everything in the path of the ripple.

The Challenge:

The impact of a single donation, touches the community in numbers ways when the investment is in education. Today we reach back in our archives to a 2012 case study exploring how an object demonstrates the impact of a donation on the student, the donor, the college and the community. Wake Tech Foundation wanted a meaningful way to make an impression on top level donors to the annual campaign kickoff for The Ripple Effect.


Collaborative Partnership & Ideation:

A strong visual image, held in the hand became the signature piece for this annual campaign. The USA Made river rock inspired stones were handcrafted to simulate rocks found by NC water, and each symbolizes to the donor the lasting impact & ripple felt in the community with generous donations to the annual fund. By creating custom stones to display, donors would have a unique reminder to share the message around the ripple effect created through their philanthropy.



Promotional Partners' collaboration with the Wake Tech Foundation exemplifies the power of creative design for generating a reaction that resonates with donors. This collaboration created a tangible representation of the positive ripples created by the Wake Tech community's commitment to education and philanthropy. The campaign was a huge success!


“Working with Promotional Partners saved us hours of time & provided tremendous value. Their unrivaled customer service & industry knowledge played a critical role in helping us improve our donor recognition program. Stephanie- Wake Tech Foundation


Promotional Partners focuses their marketing & design strategy around products that create strong sensory connections.

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