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Runner's Take Your Mark!

Updated: Apr 6

There is no doubt that physical activity has taken on new strides in the fundraising world over the past few years, with growing enthusiasm for both the comradery & the thrill of some friendly competition.

Runners wants rewards- medals take center stage as they cross the finish line.

You might say the mark of your race depends on the quality & look of your medal.

Fortunately our talented design team & certificated expertise, combined with years of producing custom metal work make this process simple.

Let's break down the basics in making decisions. What type of medal depends on your aesthetics- in other words your preference to size, materials use to craft it, decoration process and of course budget.

What other factors should you consider before making a decision?

  1. Speed - Custom work, tooling the mold for the metal and producing the medals is about a 4-5 week process. If you have spring events, plan early. Most metal work for price point is done overseas & you'll want to avoid factory shut downs for extended holidays.

  2. Yes, we have USA Made partnerships- the price point & options will not always be the same as our overseas partners.

  3. Yes- we have samples of custom work we have designed and produced here in our showroom, as well as samples of different types of metal, finishes and decoration methods. Because the decoration & finishing is part of the eye candy to the finished product.

  4. Popular choices include PVC, Die Struck or Die Cast Medal, as well as domes & flat printed discs. 2 dimensional designs are impressive as die struck and 3D designs are super exciting to the eye, but keep in mind those will add to the unit cost.

  5. Keep in mind not only the materials used, but the decoration method, ribbon style selected, size of the medal itself, lead time and set up costs for die molds all factor into the final cost to produce.

  6. Purpose! Medals are not just for runners- they make an impressive recognition piece.

There are many styles & choices!

All these variables are exactly the reason we have a showroom full of products and materials to design and compare options before you make a purchase. It's your local advantage!

Take a look at the medal we did for the Town of Cary!

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