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Saving Our Crystal Coast!

Today is World Ocean's Day.

Are you familiar with the organization behind this national date?

World Ocean is a world-wide organization, active in 150 countries with individuals that want to restore & protect our "blue planet"- committed to One Ocean. One Climate. One Future- Together.

Summer invites travelers back to our oceans to recharge, which also reminds visitors how much we enjoy the beauty of our oceans. Our family always enjoys seeing the sea turtle nest and while we have not been able to see an actual hatching, going behind the scenes in the aquariums to see the efforts being made to protect the sea turtle is a family tradition.

As more of our industry partners create ways to repurpose trash into recycled material for clothing, bags, bottles and more-together those efforts are making a difference for our ocean life.

As a follower of our blog you've probably read a few, but maybe not all, of our stories related to protecting & restoring our oceans. Many of the products are made from diverted plastic that would have made their way to oceans and often give back profits to non profits focused on efforts to restore our oceans.

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