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Say Yes to Dessert!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

In a 2022 survey from SWNS Digital, 76% of Americans say they have a sweet tooth. While cakes and cookies can satisfy a craving, 44% say they prefer dessert drinks like milkshakes and bubble tea. Some sweet seekers (about 7 in 10) say they try dessert drinks to feel on trend, with 32% trying a treat they saw on social media.

National Dessert Month is in October and if you saw our recent post about shopping early for the holidays or thinking out of the box - consider "shaking" things up! Sorry, we had to make the pun.

Crafting a kit around drinkware for your favorite beverage, inserting a recipe card, spice mix and some quality wireless ear buds for listening to a cooking podcast before your next holiday meal is a clever way to beat the holiday run and stay top of mind. Maybe even a follow up gift to enjoy over a morning cup of coffee or snuggled up with the blanket you sent them for movie night.

Stand out from the crowd by doing something unique.

Follow up your initial package with dessert or other sweet treats!

Yep, ship the entire office some treats to share or drop ship a specialty item to their home. Like what? Maybe Oprah's favorite cake, brownies or even chocolate delights!

Unlike hard goods that must be shipped as soon as they are produced because there is not warehouse space to store. Sending a gift earlier in the fall that can be used all year, then following up with a consumable is smart. Why?

Food gifts are made to order - meaning order now, select the date to be shipped later in the year and your shopping is complete! Yep - ship to each person on your list at the ideal time that works for you instead of the challenges associated with year-end giving.

Check out this video with one of our favorite food partners.

Need only 1 unit? No problem, check out these sweet/savories and additional options here, including desserts!

By the way, what's your favorite dessert?

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