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Score The Trends That Sell!

School's are back in session.

We've got solutions and expertise. Our team is unique- Olivia has been both a teacher, as well as a volunteer for booster club's & PTA. Sherri has worked as a PTA volunteer. Miranda & Isabel have been creating custom designs for schools for years!

We understand the unique challenges for schools. We know what's hot.

What are some low cost ways we make a visual impact?

Stickers, iron on and tattoos.

We graphics for the walls, lockers- plus indoor & outdoor directional signs, flags and of course your spirit wear to wear at games or to class. Ask, we have a lot of case studies to share from over the years.

For example letter style jackets, aka varsity inspired looks, are trending. bomber jackets and all over tie dye!

Put those favorite new items into a store program for sales & fundraising.

We have several popular options to make things simple for collection & distribution.

Two, Four, Six, Eight- we have the gear you will appreciate!

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