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Secrets To Avoiding Roadblocks

Pearls have always been a significant symbol to women especially. Symbolizing grace, power, and beauty all in one. We thought, that to have every woman be able to have “pearls” in her life, we should share some Pearls of Wisdom from some of our women in business friends who have surpassed hardship and continued to grow into leadership positions in their fields. Each woman will offer different “pearls” into how they became the successful person they are today. 

A woman we would like to spotlight is B.A., who is the owner/operator of Total Construction Solutions. We sent some questions for B.A. to answer, and she enthusiastically shared her wisdom with us. 

Looking back on her life, B.A. describes a valuable lesson she has learned over the years. She states “When someone tells you no, when someone gives you a roadblock, when someone tells you something can’t be done….look for a different route….go around it.  Make your own path. Create your own destiny.”

She continues reflecting on her career, reminiscing about her growth as she expresses what she is comfortable with now that was difficult for her at the beginning of her career. She states “Learning that change is good.  Change can be scary, but when one door closes another one will open.”

As her company handles remodels and design work for homes, we wanted to know what sparks B.A.’s creativity day after day. She accredited her creative inspiration to be  “Happiness…It shows on the customer’s face when we bring their vision to reality.” B.A. also believes the word “kindness, is such a simple yet powerful word,” and should be in everyone's dictionary.

In an ideal world, we would all like to look back on the skills we have now and change how we handle situations in our careers. Since we do not have a time machine, we thought it would be important to ask B.A. what her advice is when she faces a setback so hopefully, we can all continue to develop skills that are resourceful in any situation. 

B.A. expresses “Every day we face challenges. In my industry, we don’t have the luxury of curling up in the fetal position and putting our heads in the sand. We have to tackle the problem and head to the next one.  When I receive a setback, I literally take a deep breath, walk away for a bit, clear my thoughts, and come back to “it”.  You have to be resilient.” 

The biggest reflection we could ask B.A. was what her opinion is about how business is handled today, specifically considering what could be improved for the modern workforce. B.A. states “I think it’s very easy for people to communicate and “hide” behind emails and texts. The thing that is missing is the good old-fashioned telephone conversation.  I’ve found most conflicts can be resolved by talking to someone…and most importantly, listening to someone.  Just pick up the phone.”

As a woman running her own business, B.A.'s wisdom adds a candid look behind moving past our obstacles & pushing forward. Olivia & B.A. also share common ground in navigating how the loss of those we love does not always fully hit is until much later when we realize the pearls we did not realize we were experiencing till we reflect on those cherished moments. Check our her company website here.

Keep up with our socials for more Pearls of Wisdom from women industry leaders! Did you miss our last pearl about conquering fears and embracing the talents of your team? Our series started with this first pearl in our thread.

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