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Secrets To Creating One of a Kind Partnerships

When you want something out of the ordinary- you need the right partner.

In our personal lives, humans look for "the one"- those best friends and partners that can go the distance in our relationship. Those perfect matches make us laugh, they support us, and most importantly they "get us", which adds value.

Surely you've heard the term- don't be cookie cutter, but let's explore that lingo for a moment.

A franchise has a formula that's pre-scripted and defined, yet it has a place in the landscape of business. The consistent deliverable is appealing for removing the unknown. Whether it's a hotel chain, restaurant, coffee shop or your dry cleaner; you know the policies, the hours, the processes that will be followed. Independent business owners however are completely in charge of their brand identity.

Who are you?

What do you want others say about you?

When you get a referral, what does your new connection say was the reason for the referral?

What type of people & projects make you happy?

Know yourself. Find partners that want your relationship.

What do I mean? We sell products, even cookie cutters.

However does every client need a cookie cutter to market their brand? Hardy.

Think about it. A cookie cutter is merely meant to be a quick template to set up the baker for a consistent outcome. The surface of the product is meant to be a creative canvas.

Partnerships in business are similar to the ones in life. Conversation forms relationships. By asking questions and provide vulnerable- open answers, you'll discover the best alignments.

Here's an example: Keith sees me work every month at the kitchen counter on the newsletter. He sees the time it takes to craft one and often asks if it's worth the time. Being a linear matrix type guy, what he really means is did the content produce a sale? I tell him "no, not always, but it always adds value." Of course he follows up, "how do you know?"

  • I show him the open rate

  • I tell him about a product or service that a client shares with a co worker

  • I share information about orders

My favorite share? The intangible - tangible relationship.

Recently I caught up with a long time client at an event. Immediately she shared how much looks forward to our monthly newsletters. For her, the content is relevant and to use her words, not cookie cutter. She went on to explain that she deletes most newsletters that hit her inbox, because often they are the same. She laughed saying, "I really love it when it's the exact same content." What really made me feel great, and of course could not wait to share with Keith was her next comment. "When I get your newsletters, I feel like your collaborating with me. Your offering me insights and ideas that I know are your own. So even though I might not have time to meet all the time, I feel like each month you are meeting with me one on one."

What's the point of this blog?

Use your key ingredients to make something special. I love to write, so making a newsletter or writing a blog is both relaxing and fun. There is no one way to form connection. Figure out how to position your assets to add value for your relationships. Don't be cookie cutter.

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