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See Your World Differently.

Live life off the grid or just enjoy your home spaces differently.

Enjoy light anywhere, anytime.

Seeing the world differently is part of the innovation offered by this brand partner.

Render your environment with the glow of warm natural light as a cooking companion, sleep over friend, camp fire companion or make it a party.

Anywhere. Anytime- with the BioLite Alpenglow!

BioLite is on a mission to bring Energy Everywhere with revolutionary products that transform the way we cook, charge, and light our lives. Be assured with this brand partner that by offering this product and others from our BioLite line you are united in purpose. BioLite believes that advanced technologies, built on sustainable business practices, have the power to change the world. Its unique parallel- innovation business model pairs the needs families living in energy poverty with the passions of outdoor enthusiasts pushing the boundaries of life outdoors and on the go.

Product features:

  • The AlpenGlow 250 rechargeable lantern delivers ambient and task-based lighting, all inspired by nature.

  • Featuring high-efficiency ChromaReal LED technology,

  • Shake the lantern and the internal accelerometer unlocks additional features like Candle Flicker or a mesmerizing rotation of color.

  • Small size makes it easy to pack and ready for the backyard or the backcountry.

  • 250 lumens, runs for 5h HI & 200h LO. 3200 mAh rechargeable battery.

  • IPX4 rating can withstand rain and splashing.

  • Shake to access4 different special lighting modes.


Are you an innovator?

Then you will appreciate all the possibilities offered by the BioLite brand. Explore here, then grab a solar panel or camp stove and seek new adventure. Summertime is calling!

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