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Updated: Mar 27, 2022

A company’s greatest asset is our people. The more we know, the stronger we are as a partner for your brand. The expertise we’ve acquired & earned helps provide a competitive edge for your brand in the marketplace. Our team is delighted to be part of PPAI’s Certification Program, (Promotional Products Association International) because we believe that education makes us a better partner.

The certification program has evolved over the years. A culminating proctored test was replaced by testing after each class session. To earn at CAS, Certified Advertising Specialist or MAS, Master Advertising Specialist certification, individuals must have at least 3 years of work experience in our industry. Course study at every level, from TAS to MAS to geared towards focused content that is relevant to daily challenges we face such as safety, supplier relationships to mastering skills that make us a more dynamic marketing partner for you.

What's involved? 25 hours of dedicated or required classes, plus 25 hours of elective classes and 30 more elective classes to be earned over the next three years to keep your certification valid; learning never stops! Why is re-certification required? It's a reflection of our on-going commitment to professional development, staying current with industry trends, workplace best practices, and always to provide the highest value & quality to you.

Certification does take time. COVID allowed us some time to dust off our group goal of team certification. Olivia elevated her certification to MAS level and Miranda took on the challenge to earn both her TAS and CAS in just a few months!! Any client that's done just one project with Miranda knows she is a seasoned pro, now she has the industry certifications that match the talent, expertise and experience she brings to the team.

Miranda's often said that our industry was a career that found her. However, the more time she's spent in this industry she realized she enjoyed the variety of tasks, the relationships we form, the brisk pace of our workdays and that we must adapt to new challenges; which keeps her career choice fresh & interesting. Miranda's thrilled we can laugh that we don't wear branded apparel very often and we don't have to maintain a stuffy- rigid work environment to be professional.

What were some takeaways this 12-year veteran learned from her course work?

"Immersing myself in the industry over the last 12 years has certainly given me the opportunity to acquire a wide variety of knowledge and skills. In a lot of ways, the CAS courses were a great refresher course. But this industry like many others evolves and changes very quickly with new “hot” products, printing techniques and more being introduced almost daily. Therefore what our clients need from us changes regularly. The CAS courses equipped me with tools to adapt to these constant changes. From making sure we are always partnering with suppliers who sell safety compliant products to making sure I am suggesting the best imprint method to produce the outcome our clients are seeking to even how to communicate effectively through every step of the design and ordering process. CAS helped me be the expert our clients need me to be and I look forward to everything the recertification classes can offer as I continue to grow in the industry."

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