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Selfies And Marketing

The popularity of festivals as a source of entertainment is undeniable. Serving 8 years on the 39 year old PeakFest committee has been an eye-opener for me. Attendees would be amazed to learn the level of resources, planning and cooperation between agencies required prior to the event; not to mention the manpower that day to facilitate. Festivals seeking to stay relevant to attendees need to provide ways to engage their message to the crowd. Selfie Frames are a great way to capture quotes, acknowledge achievements and share support for a "cause". Invited attendees to stop at the selfie booth and share the highlight of the festival with 1,000's of their friends, increasing the reach of your event and your message.

Interactive products in the break room, at a local event or even on the trade show floor provide a way to engage individuals with questions and provide re-usable dry ease surfaces to collect the responses!

What's behind door #1? Is it a new policy or internal contest? Door art, table top signs or temporary footprints driving "foot traffic" to your destination and message reveal are just a few of the cool new products that will add visual interest and provide engagement for your next campaign.

We've been pitching to our clients for years to be "THE GO TO" booth that retains visitors by providing a free charging station. Indoor or outdoor, attendees to festivals or trade shows will have mobile devices that need to be re-charged. Offering a way to plug in and then raffling off the high speed, high capacity chargers used at the station will be appreciated by attendees of all ages. The brand exposure is huge, creating an opportunity to align a message of connection, problem solving, reliability, dependability to visitors at your re-charging station.

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