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Shorten Response Time - break the code

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

We first posted about QR Codes in 2012- since that time we've added them to:

  • Bags to learn which merchant's were participating in a shop local program.

  • Microfiber Cleaning cloths to launch recipients to website, videos, applications and event details.

What is a QR Code?

Quick Response (QR) Codes have seen a rise in popularity in the advertising sector. They have quickly gained recognition as an effective advertising strategy – beyond the convenience to the consumer, QR codes increase the conversion rate by coaxing prospects further down the conversion funnel without any delay or effort, bringing viewers to the advertiser’s site immediately, where a more targeted and detailed sales pitch can continue.

It’s no doubt these codes are effective – but how can we use them effectively?

For starters, some websites you can use to shorten links for QR codes include Kaywa, a quick and easy resource to generate the link and QR code image; ScanLife, which covers the broadest number of mobile phones/smart phones as well as some very valuable analytics; and pbSmart Codes, which boasts a series of steps including custom mobile web-page design (linked from your QR code), mobile surveys and a function to track and monitor the success of your QR code marketing campaign.

As far as where to place your QR code, almost anything with a large enough space can work!

A QR code needs to be at least 1 ¼ inch x 1 ¼ inch to scan properly. For products, tech gadgets, apparel and drink ware all make sense - but don't just think products! Tradeshow displays and printed materials like newsletters work as well. Don't be afraid to get creative, though. QR codes on business cards, labels on food/drink/other items for sale, storefront displays, laptop stickers and t-shirts are just a few ideas.

Speaking of creativity, you can “hack” your QR code’s design with your own personal touch.

While their square shape can’t be altered, you can insert your own logo in the center (as popularized by the BBC’s use of QR codes) as well as images using image editing tools like Photoshop. Always be sure to test out your QR code before printing a few thousand copies!

You can also get creative and innovative with how you use QR codes. In the realm of social media, you can create mobile friendly landing pages with Facebook “like” buttons or lead them to your Twitter for a quick follow.

QR codes can also be linked to e-mail subscription pages (make sure the consumer knows that’s where they’re headed!), make phone calls, and generate text messages.

The name of the marketing game is engagement – QR codes allow you to engage your consumers in a variety of new, exciting and all-around convenient ways! They’re a short stop to a long-term marketing goal, one almost any business can use effectively.

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