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Should You Switch To Made in USA?

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Note: Not all items in this image are USA Made.

Maybe, the conversation has taken center stage in 2020 as complications, caused by COVID-19, and stock and lead time to impact made domestic options more attractive. Why?

The ability to replenish your own stock and the speed to get goods to the door, especially with Chinese New Year coming up, is adding to the demand for USA Made products.

In many cases, USA Made products are offered from companies that have been family-owned for generations; adding history and personal investment in the products produced. Often our clients are surprised by the number of choices for USA Made products, with broad categories, competitive pricing to overseas options, and some of our partners are even located here in North Carolina. A quick search of this blog site with the keywords USA Made, will unveil a variety of previous posts related to USA Made options.

Fast Facts:

  • 27% of consumers purchased more USA Made products in 2019 than 2018

  • 57% of consumers have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if the promotional product was USA Made

  • Women are the most favorable to advertisers if the promo product was USA Made

How many USA Made options did you know we offer?

Hundreds! From stickers & labels, awards, print materials, apparel, and more!

We hope you are more inspired to ask for and look for USA Made products before you purchase. Keep following our blog to explore some unique gift options we've recently secured in our collections!

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