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Size Doesn't Matter!

Innovation occurs when a solution is necessary.

Brock and Mitch are brothers from a tiny farm town called Newton, Illinois and in 2020, who decided to end their frustration of switching between beverage insulators based on the size & shape of the can. That's the simple story of innovation that led to Frost Buddy - a universal insulated beverage solution.

What started as a way to solve the challenge between the size and shape of the cans has grown to include tumblers that hold most plastic take out cups too!

By now you should know how much we like word play. A product like this is perfect for associating your services if you are: solutions oriented, an innovative thinker or adaptable. This type of product also could be a good fit for DEI goals- it's inclusive.

Sometimes a simple idea can become a huge solution.

Check out the entire line here.

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