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Slip Your Brand Into Life

Here's a product that fits our quirky enough to work series and won't let your brand slip out of site. At about $4.00 each for 160 units, this product is a fun and unique way to really connect with consumers; literally.

How does it work? Watch here

Where can you insert your brand to stay put?

Beach or pool chairs – these would be great in homeowner baskets, shopper loyalty programs or incentives to shop local when vacationers are in town.

Boats Hang towels, clothes & trash bags on rails. Give these to boaters, reminding them of your boat related services. They are perfect for local boat shows as a giveaway.

Luggage accessory Clip to the handle of your rolling bag to hold your briefcase or purse.

As a luggage spotter or grip for hotels for frequent flyers.

Kitchen or bathroom Hang dish and bath towels, these would be great for businesses that offer home improvement services.

Wheel chairs and walkers Clips on to carry a lightweight bag, these are great for the senior market.

Besides being Made in the USA, the brand message is that your services stick around, you get a grip on what matters or you solve challenges with innovative ideas.

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