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Stepping Out Of The Woods

Choosing a trustworthy brand for your promotional needs is essential for leaving a powerful message in the minds of others. Out of the Woods® which specializes in reusable bags and insulated coolers that are made from Supernatural Paper understands the importance of a strong brand identity, as reflected in its values, timeless designs, and quality & function.

A reputable brand like Out of the Woods, with its emphasis on quality and eco-friendliness, instills confidence in clients that the products align with their values and expectations. This is reflected in their core values:

1. Timeless Design: Modern twist to classic designs, accessible to everyone so you can have style and sustainability without any compromise.

2. Sustainable Innovation: Committed to using better materials to bring you high-quality, durable products that are innovative by nature.

3. Quality & Function: Designs that are built at the intersection of form & function, made to go wherever you go.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the brand Out of the Woods is the use of their Supernatural Paper®. Their Supernatural Paper® is sustainable, durable, washable, ultralight, and made from trees. Here are some great statistics about Supernatural Paper:

  • 84% lighter carbon footprint compared to leather

  • 100% animal-free, making it the perfect vegan leather-alternative

  • 93% of the water used was returned to its original source, and only 7% is lost naturally to evaporation

These products are designed to reduce the negative impact on the environment by developing lasting products made of better materials. Out of the Woods® proudly donates 1% of revenue to organizations that support the planet.

Brands matter immensely in today's business world, and Out of the Woods exemplifies the significance of a strong brand identity. As a business seeking reliable products, choosing a brand like Out Of the Woods is a wise decision that ensures your clients receive products that not only reflect their values but also leave a lasting impact with your brand’s message in their minds. One of our favorite totes in the collection is this one.

Our team loves to show off brands that uphold the values of your business so that your promotional products can represent you in the best way. Contact us or come visit our showroom for more brands that align with your vision!

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