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Stitching Together Your Brand

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Our NC partner, Suntex has been an innovative partner for many of our projects! When our clients want to insert their message into the fabric of their target market's day; well, the pun's intended - textiles are a great solution. 

Wearable items like caps, gloves and socks keep us comfortable. Similarly towels and blankets make functional gifts. Looking for proof?

How about these stories:

  1. The YMCA has jumped in feet first with socks to acknowledge donors and texting gloves for youth volunteers as gifts. We've done fuzzy feet for senior living centers, contractors and healthcare practices seeking a unique gift to connect their brand to comfort.

  • Zipper pulls were added to town apparel for "a dash more" when it's not an option to stand out from your competition. Need to instantly become part of a celebration? Stock shapes and custom are the perfect solution. Patches are a great way to remember the experience. Fleece items like beanies, scarves and headbands make nice employee gifts.

  • Headwear, well caps turn heads and get noticed. Caps, headbands and beanies are unisex and size less. We can wear items our head daily which translates into high impressions. Students at Apex Friendship High School sported these headbands at the annual Apex Rotary Christmas Parade to show unity as a group.

  • Hands Down- texting gloves and hide a band products are perfect for numerous recipients. In the winter, not having to remove your gloves to use your smart device makes touch finger gloves a prime branding space. In the spring and summer the ability to insert your license, a key or a special message from a loved one, into a hidden pocket of your wristband make a hide a band the perfect solution.

  • Towels! One can't go wrong with a towel promotion. Golf towels like these done for the Apex Police Department's annual tournament for Special Olympics are sure to be a hit with recipients. After-all, how many kids dream of growing up and being able to carry a badge?

  • Identification- Is important for organizations working in the field, making sure individuals know who is there to assist like these caps for Curamerica's Global.

  • Oversized bag tags are a great way to ID luggage. We have done tags for luggage, convention ID badges, golf bags and while we haven't done it yet, we love the idea of highlighting your blood donor type.

Stitching your message into the fabric of your vertical markets just got easier with this line! 

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