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SuperMom To The Rescue!

This video clip captures why this transformer bag has been renamed the "mom" bag!

As soon as Olivia saw this bag, she exclaimed, "Where was this bag when our kids were small!? Do you know how many fairs, amusement parks and nature parks left me carrying discarded coats, water bottles, snacks and treasures picked up during our adventures?" This bag's main feature is its versatility, but below there are more features explained:

  • Transport items from one vehicle to another

  • Instant bag for last-minute needs for the baby

  • Easily folds up to be stored inside a purse, cooler bag or fanny pack

  • Super lightweight material - minimizing bulk on your trip

  • Easy to clean fabric - important for those messy moments

  • A large imprint area - remind parents about your brand

  • Allows the user to determine if they prefer to carry their newfound treasures backpack-style or tote-style!

It's so versatile, parents will become an instant Superhero! Mama and Papa Bear, pack up all the baby bears for your next adventure.

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