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Supporting Local, an 8 Billion Dollar Impact!

26 weeks ago, we launched an effort to support local businesses with our free shop local tags. Like every small business, we kept working to connect our clients to the resources they need; while maintaining a safe distance. Many of our supporters are B to B relationships, but we also host consumers stores for our clients for fundraising, employee programs and retail shopping-so why not us?!

Searching for the perfect holiday gift can be challenging, but one thing that comes easy for all of us is hometown pride! North Carolinian's from across the state love their hometown's. We combined hometown pride & efforts to support our local business community by launching a special limited edition collection of wear-able swag! By shopping in our e- commerce site, you are supporting not only our business, of 4 employees, but our decorating & blank good partners who employee exponentially more than 4!

We've featured popular items from wear-able categories with a proven track record for high impressions, with a low cost per impression. Click each item category to review the impact for yourself. What did we include? Popular head-wear, bags, fleece and blankets- which would be perfect for a movie night popcorn trio, candy set or deluxe mailer!

Besides the brand impact for your marketing efforts, we encourage you to shop local in independent businesses around your area by inserting food, craftsman gifts & gift cards from the local businesses that support your home town. Women-owned businesses in North Carolina, like Promotional Partners, employ more than a quarter million people with an $8 billion payroll impact. While women represent about half the total population in NC, they own just 1 in 5 businesses across the state. Promotional Partners is a Woman Owned, NC HUB certified business, with employing 3 women!

As our way of paying it forward, orders totaling $100.00 or more, will receive a choice of a travel bag, tumbler or pop socket as our way of saying thank you; plus a $21.00 coupon to use in 2021!

Shop local! When you do, pick up a shop local tag to show support.

**PS- those tags give back to Safe Kids Wake County!

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