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Chiseling & Sculpting A Brand Masterpiece!

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

When I think of a tablet I immediately recall the cartoon series B.C., with messages etched in stone. Stone tablets were likely not carried very far due to their weight, so the message was limited to the viewer in those surroundings. A modern day tablet also provides a surface for recording messages, but unlike stone, it's made our lives faster; connecting us to information anywhere.


While an electronic tablet might be more efficient in the workplace for communication, the artist in me loves the feel of using your hand to chisel a message. Raw material that comes from the earth such as clay and rock provide a natural medium for innovation, creativity and customization. The material provides limitless possibilities for a mini masterpiece.

One of our favorite creative partners, StoneyCreek, uses the raw materials of crushed quarry stone and resin to form "works of art" for the table top and wall. Their line has a huge selection of stock shapes for inspiration for awards, functional desk items and custom designs! 

The crushed stone they use not only natural but creates a USA Made "batter" that is poured into molds. When custom work is created a project starts with image renderings for suggestions, then patterns for molds are create, while the type of rock and colors of rock are selected. In the final steps these mini sculptures are painted and assembled - Watch the process from start to finish here.

Our desire to communicate a message to individuals and others has been around since, well B.C.. Modern messages are often captured in recognition pieces for the desk or the wall. These pieces serve as symbols of company goals or benchmark achievements. Recipients of awards are honored with recognition among their peers when an award is presented and then the award displayed in a key area of their desk or office, serving as a reminder of goals.  Inserted here are some examples of unique pieces we did with partner StoneyCreek. All are intended for the desk. 

  1. The Ripple Stone was used as part of annual fundraising for the Wake Tech Foundation's annual ripple campaign.

  2. The wink, Spencer for HAP Innovations captures securing benchmark dates and highlighting company culture/values 

  3. Abrigo was created to capture their new hexagon shape in the award selection to tie into the company's re-branding of the company's name and logo design. The desk pieces serve as an acknowledgment for the achievement of sales goals. 

  4. Both items are stack-able, allowing for the addition of layers of future years. 

None of these pieces take up a lot of desk space, but there is a huge impact to the recipient and surrounding employees - a message captured in a mini masterpiece! 

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