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Take A Sip Of The Good Life

Water bottles have become a status symbol. Think about it. Everyone wants a Yeti, Camelbak, Hydro Flask or S'well bottle, but why? Their looks, just to say they can afford the brand, or their ability to keep a drink hot/cold? Maybe it's even because they are Eco-friendly and pay for themselves within a month of use. Whether it be just one of those reasons or multiple that drives each individual to spend money on a premium brand water bottle, one thing is for sure - everyone wants one!

Do you know the difference in bottle insulation?

Good: Air Insulation. The inner and outer walls of the bottle contains air, making the process of escaping heat or cold to take longer.

Better: Foam Insulation. Foam between the inner and outer walls slows down the transfer of hot or cold between layers.

Best: Vacuum Insulation. Tumblers with vacuum insulation have a virtually airless space between layers. This allows for the hot or cold drink to radiate only between the walls instead of slowly exciting the bottle altogether.

Premium: Copper Vacuum Insulation. Copper lining helps distribute the hot or cold air more evenly across the entire inner surface. This allows your drink to stay at the right temperature for even longer.

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