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Talk About A Throwback

They've been around since the early 1970s, many of us can remember using these pencils as children and now they're making a comeback! Imagine all the possibilities that can be created with this throwback pencil!

Add these vibrant & colorful pencils to a custom coloring book or custom color calendar for additional value to the recipient. This custom coloring book included memories from the last 10 years of the Kraft YMCA, which was a fun way to recall the experiences and relationships formed through YMCA programs. A stackable colored pencil might be used:

  • Alongside a custom coloring book or calendar marking major occasions and milestone

  • As a giveaway at an elementary school open house

  • During a summer festival event

Pencils deliver high visibility ways to insert your personality and are budget friendly. What are a few options?

Quirky promotions are memorable, pencil in this choice for your next promotion.

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