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Teachers Fuel Our Minds!

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

September is associated with back to school- for students & teachers. As a former educator, Olivia knows that school essentials are more than paper, notebooks, highlighters and book bags.

Essentials for both students & teachers are products that make our day easier.

Innovation is one of our favorite parts of the education process. Teachers fuel our imagination and inspire students to look for new solutions.

What are a couple of our favorite innovative ideas from one of our numerous woman-owned partnerships?

This bag adds privacy with a modern twist on a study cubby! The bag unfolds to create a personal work space anywhere for complete privacy. Plus functional for business too, with compartments for a laptop, documents, pens, business cards and more. There is an adjustable laptop stand for comfortable viewing angle and maximum airflow for laptop. Designed for 15"-16" laptops.

This stylish bag is produced from cellulose plant fiber paper. It has a weathered look & feel that washes like fabric, yet is lightweight, durable and resists tearing. When your ready for a new bag, this one is biodegradable. In fact, decomposing within 2 weeks of being placed in the ground.

Best of all, 1% of proceeds from this bag are donated to, a nonprofit organization that has transformed millions of lives around the world with access to safe water and sanitation. As a Rotarian- our owner Olivia knows how important access to clean water is to preventing disease, education to a brighter future and making sure families can live their best life.

Ask our graphic design team to create some inspiring art on the surface of your drinkware to make teachers feel appreciated. This tumbler, which you've probably seen at a local coffee shop, also gives back to

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