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Teched Out

Somehow technology keeps getting smaller, lighter, faster and more powerful. Whether it's form fitting earbuds or power banks that pack extra punch, get ready to discover next-level performance.

Here are this season's hottest tech trends:

Wireless Everything

Everyone agrees – the fewer wires in our lives, the better. Big Tech is making sure the future is wireless. It's estimated there will be more than 1 billion wireless charging devices by the end of 2020 (Digital Trends).

We're on a mission to bring the convenience of wireless technology to everyday products. If you've ever dreamed of a Bluetooth® speaker in your water bottle or a backpack with built-in wireless charging, you're in the right place. 

Hassle-Free Earbuds

As true wireless earbuds skyrocket in popularity (thanks, Apple®), we're making sure they're easy enough for anyone to use. Our new models pair automatically, meaning they're ready to use right out of the case, no manual connection required. Speaking of cases, we've even got earbuds with a case that does double duty: It can recharge your earbuds and can be used as a wireless charging pad for your phone.

Tech You Wear

Tech is being integrated into clothing, too. The cozy Shefford Vest comes with a charger that delivers power to built-in heat panels. Despite its cool tech features, the Shefford is definitely low-maintenance. It's incredibly easy to use and an easy care product for the laundry. It includes three temperature settings to let you control the heat and it fully machine washable (minus the power bank, of course).

Eco-Friendly Materials

The sustainability trend gained serious momentum last year. This year? It's a full-on cultural movement, with demand for eco-friendly products at an all-time high. Tech has joined the trend with products like wireless charging pads and Bluetooth speakers made with wheat straw, a durable material made with the rigid stalk that's left over after wheat grains are harvested.

Retail Packaging

The line between retail and promo has never been more blurry. The use of retail-style packaging is an easy way to make a big impression before a gift is even opened.    

The Bottom Line

There's never been a more exciting time in technology. The trends, the styles and the products are constantly evolving, and we're here to bring it to you first. Thanks for joining us on this crazy ride – it's going to be fun.

Be sure to check out our new catalog: January 2020 Trends In Branding And Promotion.

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