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That's Using Your Head!

January 15th is National Hat Day. Hats are a perfect way to make your brand stand out in the crowd. Besides flexibility, headwear delivers over 3,400 impressions a month, 1/3 of men report owning and wearing a brand cap each week, not to mention, recipients keep & wear caps for over 10 months!

Besides, caps can be functional & fun, like the cowboy inspired foam hat for a conference in San Antonio Texas or an impish business owner taking a selfie of a hat to be distributed to kids at an upcoming festival.

Check out these 7 reasons to consider branding with a cap:

  1. It's one of the oldest human accessories!

  2. Unlike jackets and shirts - no sizing is required; in fact one size usually fits all, with the exception of flex fit style caps. Most headwear adapts to the recipient's head easily with a variety of closure methods. Removing size makes them perfect for a brand launch for a large group.

  3. Instant unity or identification; it's easy to spot individuals in a crowd

  4. Impulse purchase for merchandise tents and retail sales; purchase and wear

  5. Weather beater - cold, rain, sun making attendees look for headwear

  6. Caps are easy and quick to customize: the decoration location- the bill, sandwich, even the inside seam tape! Select your preferred fabric; make up a design combination that is completely unique.

  7. Commemorative - its a collectible; one for each year, event, state or to recall your association with an organization or pride as alumni!

Mom was right, covering your head is pretty smart! Ask us to send you the ASI research related to headwear!

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