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The Benefit of Sticky Situations

What's the benefit of a sticky situation? In this case, a premium place locate your brand message that's accessible & convenient & valued by recipient's.

When branding the size of the imprint area is important, because more content can be inserted without crowding the space. When are large imprint area also allows a "full bleed", then a graphic designer can play with a variety of visual messages in the same area. Besides, it's opportunity to be creative, with captivating graphics.

What offers a huge imprint space, a full bleed & is considered an office essential?

Sticky products!!

  • Hang a treat at each cubical

  • Kick off your sales year with prioritizes outlined

  • Use an interactive sticky book at your sales conference

  • Bundle kits to ship

  • Create a seasonal message or inspire with a quote

  • Get the lint off

  • Map out the year

  • Drop in a loyalty gift to the next order

  • Create a call to action

What's important? Sticking to your sales & marketing goals!

Just another quirky enough to work idea, with a huge content area.

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