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The Key To Surpassing Your Rival

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

A great title, like a movie teaser draws us into a story, leaving us wanting more... so what if there was one clue that would be a super power in surpassing your rival? Spoiler alert, there's not. However, over the years I have met some amazing super women. Captains of their industries; forces of nature- unstoppable and unforgettable. It's obvious when you are around them, here's a champion.

I enjoy hovering at thirty-thousand feet, surveying the landscape because it shows possibility. It's a puzzle. Identifying and locating the final piece for the perfect fit. Life's part of a series of smaller choices that are punctuated by impactful moments like completing the perimeter of a puzzle. There's as much to learn from powerful set backs, as easily as finding that missing piece. When you approach life without boundaries, the choices are abundant, but it means the stakes are even higher. Anything. ANY THING is possible.

Last week an engaging title compelled me to read more, "7 Pieces of Bad Career Advice Women Should Ignore" - I mean come on, you gotta look if you're a woman, so I did. Advice is like gossip, we cling to what we like and discard what we don't find useful. The first tip resonated with me.

Don't find a mentor or find a champion. Mentors sit beside you, they coach- they cheer, while champions create moments from opportunities and expect YOU to be ready.

A champion is someone you can trust. They are a busy person, who sees value in what YOU have to offer and is willing to extend their time and their reputation to advance YOUR career.

Champions are purposeful people that don't waste time, easily identify talent and don't shy away from candid discussions about what's to be learned from their failures or successes.

Where can you find a champion? In my experiences, through service. Champions have causes they care about and make sure those organizations thrive because they've chosen to invest their time, talent and energy.

Why do you need a champion? Champions have navigated waters and aren't asking for anything in return. Through champions, I have learned that identifying target markets, means exploring the details of your business. Consumers want to know exactly how businesses differ from their competitors, when they appear to offer the same goods or services- the value proposition. An ability to profile your markets with your benefits is the difference between reducing transactional business and developing stronger relationship based business.

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