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The New Pet Rock

Back in the '70s, the rage was a pet rock, easy maintenance, and companionship. For many the care of a plant is challenging, making succulent plants alluring. Succulents are credited as being an almost impossible plant to kill. They require minimal maintenance and can endure some neglect - give them a sunny spot, water them once a week, and the occasional pruning and they're happy!

Succulents make the perfect addition to your employee gift, but why?

  • They help purify the air and improve the humidity in your home

  • They add oxygen to the air (unlike other plants which release CO2)

  • They help improve your focus

  • They can enhance memory

Wanting to gift a little more than just a succulent? Include it in a kit complete with a cozy blanket, a candle, and a yummy treat! A little self-care surprise at the end of a crazy year.

What a great way to show employees you care about their health by gifting a succulent!

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