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The Power of Fear

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Back in May of 2007, we looked pretty young aye? Keith got smaller, I got larger, we both got older and our showroom location? Well it's changed a lot from that first little room in downtown Apex. From a team of two, our team has grown to include three more professionals.

March 29th is support Mom & Pop Business Day. Much like being a parent, Mom & Pop business owners learn along the way and live in uncharted territory because we've taken on the responsibility of providing livelihood for others. At times owning a business, like parenting, can leave business owners feeling paralyzed to move forward. It can create stress and doubt, wondering if we are making the right decisions. What I've learned is that on the other side of fear is motivation. Fear is a powerful motivator, it produces the adrenaline needed to fuel innovation and courage to forge ahead from adversity or set backs.

Owning a micro business means being part of the daily operations, forming personal relationships with clients, the internal team as well as the community that exists outside your doorstep. Just like mom tries to buy from every kid that's selling something, we give back in our community and design creative ways to make a greater impact; because we want to, not because it's mandated from the boardroom.

Much like parents who share stories about how they navigated potty-training to driver's ed, business owners share success and failure with one another. We are lucky to be located in the Triangle. Being part of so many organizations and a popular downtown retail district creates a larger sense of family, offers support, builds friendships and becomes a living master-mind class.

A kind word or gesture never goes unappreciated. Over the past few weeks, positive comments, kind words, photos & stories from your favorite promotions or shout outs on your social media to generate referrals means even more; a bit like those moments when your kids actually admit they love 'ya back. On May 17th, we will officially have been in business 13 years. Thank you to everyone who's a part of the Promotional Partners family. Join us for our virtual celebration on May 6th. If you're part of our newsletter list, you won't miss a moment. If not, register here to be added.

If you own a small business or work for one and are in need of marketing ideas, read this post!

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