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The Power of Popular Retail Brands

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Give your gift that little something extra- after-all, gifting is all about THE EXTRA.

Our friends at PCNA shared some popular new product ideas and insights on the appeal of brands.

In a recent article discussing the power of retail brands, Rob Wengel, senior vice president of global data analytics firm Nielsen, explained, "Brands can signify quality and inspire confidence." As we head into prime gift season, everyone's searching for products that represent their companies in the best way possible.

Going with a gift from a well-known, well-respected retail brand is an easy way to add a little something extra and associate your organization with all the positive attributes that come with that brand.

Retail brands add value to gifts.

What are the factors that make retail brands successful in the promotional products market?

Here are our top three reasons:

1. Perceived Value When you choose a Carhartt® duffel as an annual appreciation gift for your team, you're getting more than just a well-built bag. Since the brand has a legendary reputation for quality and toughness, you're getting a bag that employees will value more because of the brand's stellar reputation. It's the best of both worlds - they'll love the gift and you'll deliver the message of appreciation.

2. Save Time

If you're looking at water bottles to give customers as an annual thank you gift, you know the options are going to be overwhelming. Going with one from an established brand like CamelBak, immediately narrows down your search, saves you time and reduces the risk that you'll end up with a sub-par bottle.

3. Peace of Mind

Giving a holiday gift to the financial backers who support your non-profit or university? The last thing you want is a phone call that the sweatshirts or jackets you gave top donors are falling apart. Eliminate the worry and headaches and give away superior apparel from an established retail brand like Roots73 with a legacy of quality construction and premium materials.

The Bottom Line Going with a retail brand saves you time and helps you avoid some potential pitfalls, makes a big impression and shows appreciation.

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