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The Showroom Advantage

When we opened our doors in 2007, we knew we wanted to create a place for collaboration. Ideas are born when ideas are freely explored and options are easily considered, our showroom provides the perfect place to gather.

Even during COVID conditions, we have safety measures to bring in small groups to discuss projects. The ground we can cover quickly disappears in person.

We compare fabrics quickly, zero in on the size of the imprint area for design, easily compare the quality of products, and determine what fits for size and scope of your budget & distribution needs. Our design team can show you images quickly on the screen, jumping right into the design work suggesting font styles, and getting to know your preferences, to make sure the logos we create fit your vision. Our certified team dives into the planning & execution of your campaign as part of the selection process, because a successful campaign is not just about the product selection.

Many of our partners have enjoyed dropping off gifts or custom kits in the past, but now feel limited. Our experience with drop shipments is playing a critical role in the "new normal" as our experienced team drop ships to each individual location- even overseas. We've vetted our partners for kitting & shipping projects and understand the variables to keep projects moving smoothly through the process.

What are some of the new items that are trending in our showroom for fall? Take a peek here. Let us know your favorite!

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