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The Value In Being Unique

Did you know since carrots grow in the ground if they encounter a rock, they will either twist or fork to grow around the obstacle?

Did you know that millions of pounds of food never reaches the market because it's considered imperfect.

CBS This Morning aired a report today that captured my attention, regarding ugly food. Instead of seeing ugly food, this  "grocer" offers a new way of thinking and distributing excellent food. Imperfect Foods is on a mission to provide quality food, at a lower cost, because it's deemed "imperfect".

I grew up in a farming family; the meat, vegetables and dairy in their diet was literally farm fresh. "Farm to Table" for rural areas was the norm; if you did not grow your own food, you did not eat.

A product of "their raise", my parents rented land for our family to grow our food. My brother and I were the labor to help plant, tend and harvest food; then to can or freeze the harvest. In fact, my first sales job was door to door in the neighborhood, pulling my wagon to sell $.10 bags of produce. I got to keep the profits and save for things I wanted to buy.

Value is a word that's returned to our collective vernacular; not to imply a discount, instead to signal an increase. It's not uncommon to hear phrases such as, "what's the value add, or what's their value proposition". Creating a value add for individual consumers is challenging since each consumer's preferences are different.

Promotional Partners strives to connect and offer relevance by offering increased value through education and creativity. As a brand agency we function as a brand manager for our clients each day. Our tasks vary. Some days we are involved in creating graphic design for print materials or creating a logo. Another client may need marketing strategies or an advertising plan to grow their business. A larger partner may need a comprehensive theme or unified appearance for an upcoming trade show or conference. We even have clients that need help crafting a fundraising campaign, engaging employees or showing appreciation.

Tending to all of those different needs requires a little farming:

  • We plant the seeds and ideas through our blogs, newsletters and special events. 

  • Education allows the seeds grow brands. 

  • Working with a diverse client base provides us an abundant harvest to share using case studies and testimonials.

  • Over the years, we've adapted to the industries changing climate and consumer preferences and emerged into a creative agency offering both super foods and traditional staples.

  • We maintain on-going education for ourselves about the trends that will produce a better yield for our clients.

  • We've grown roots in the community, serving on boards and being a volunteer. Our engagement in the field allows us to see first hand where brands can connect to their vertical markets. We invest in our community- together we grow!  

Ready to walk our way? At Promotional Partners, our team beats to our own drummer- always seeking to define what makes you unique! Follow our posts and social media next week to learn more about our unique team!

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