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The Value of Proximity

The Apella is Durham was a stunning place to be today- a beautiful location for the quarterly Women in Business Series, presented by the Triangle Business Journal.

The art, the light, the design- it was so polished and functional, yet open & cozy.

No, I am not commission.

No, I am not in architectural design- it was just that amazing. Check it out!

Today's panel featured 4 women leaders in commercial real estate. Each panelist delivered insightful, honest and often humorous answers to very relevant topics.

One topic that caught my attention was around the value of proximity for professional development.

Several panelist shared that unexpected mentor moments developed along their careers due to proximity; presenting opportunity. You know, those serendipitous moments when by chance we hear, see or experience something not planned.

Life is full of unexpected of moments, but sometimes it takes reflection to realize exactly what you absorbed through those experiences. We develop skill sets by mirroring what we've experienced. We build relationships around the people we come in contact with routinely. Each panelist found value in unscripted moments.

Like what?

  • Being asked to step into a meeting just to absorb the conversation

  • Being included to share their perspective after a difficult call

  • Bouncing around ideas with upper level managers because there was a quick break in the routine of day.

Proximity to people develops into mentoring moments that added value and in this case helped shape professional growth.

The take away? Get out there and mingle. Be present. Be around to listen & learn.

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