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There's A Brain Talking!

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

If you've heard the expression- an artistic eye, you're really seeing the mind of a creative person at work. The artist's brain is having an internal dialogue about what to capture and share with others through music, dance, and of course painting. Visual arts are a language, using imagery to capture a mood, convey a message or capture a story without words. When the words are layered into a compelling image, magic occurs. Not the type of magic that makes you wonder where the rabbit went, but the type of magic that makes you....wonder.

An artist has the ability to capture your attention and force you to consider ideas. What does wonder have to do with Promotional Partners? Our clients enjoy wondering. Sure, we can sell you a pen with your name, number, and website, but our creativity & collaboration create the wonder. Products become a marketing medium in our expert hands.

Did you know that when we started our business in 2007, we had a mascot? Yep, Speedy; a paintbrush in motion. By 2011, we realized while fun, Speedy was not the image we wanted for our agency. Luckily we have artistic eyes and graphic professionals on our team- so we crafted our new logo and re-branded. We borrowed from our artistic roots, keeping the arch of a paint palette and dots of color to represent paint.

We enjoy bringing your vision to life through creating logos, designing festival and trade-show booths, and print collateral. Now you have the back story behind our logo.

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