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This Cork's Got A Twist!

February 18th is National Drink Wine Day. Sending samples of private label wines, with custom- hand painted bottles- absolutely. We have experience, with superb wine choices.

However popping the cork is only part of the wine experience. From signature serving items for the home with unique decoration to elegant wine accessories that travel anywhere, we have solutions. That's the twist to this cork story.

Vinglace is completely unique, as it offers the double wall vacuum insulation of stainless steel on the outside, but with glass on the inside. Wine enthusiasts will enjoy beverages of all types at the proper temperature, without any metallic taste or smell whether it's wine or champagne. Plus these tumblers are perfect for coffee or tea, sparkling wine or water too.

Vinglace is a mission driven company and donates a portion of sales of their products to help fund research for the early detection of breast cancer.

Looking for a way to build a program or celebrate a milestone date with wine?

Consider your own private label bottles, have design a commemorative logo and help you select the right wine accessories, drinkware and packaging for your campaign.

Ready to add some elegance to your brand?

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