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This Gem Makes Friday Memorable

Spring is showing it's colors and tempting us with its warmth this week. However, let's talk ice! Not the ice associated with winter weather. We are talking about the perfect ice cube for your drink. Artisan Ice! This crystal gem ice cube maker will leave an impression.

Besides- it's Friday, so isn't that the time for cheer?

What's the W&P story?

Founded in 2012 by Josh Williams and Eric Prum, W&P creates modern kitchen products that improve the way we eat and drink everyday. As college roommates and best friends, Josh and Eric shared a passion for crafting great food, even better cocktails, and memorable experiences with friends. It became their mission to empower others with these better, more modern, and fun-to-use tools, and W&P was born.

W&P has 3 guiding principals:

W&P re-imagines everyday interactions with food and drink through thoughtful design and engaging content. Their eye-catching products rethink the role of everyday objects and their passionate community drives an active conversation around the latest trends in food and beverage.

Search the entire line here.

Brands Matter!

This idea also fits our quirky enough to work series. Are your services a "cut above"? Do you offer a sphere of influence? Have fun and bring cheer!

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