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Unfurl Your Message, Fly A Flag!

Updated: Jun 15

June 14th is Flag Day-

Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the first American flag in 1777 by the Continental Congress.

Flags are a promotional product with high visibility that can convey many messages.

A flag can be made from several different types of fabrics and fashioned into various shapes. The surface is large, making it perfect for a lot of content or similar bold shapes. Flags can be sew with strips of fabric just like Betsy Ross, but normally they are digitally printed.

There are flags for sales purposes- drawing in consumers or providing direction to festival attendees. There are flags, like the ones we use to represent communities, organizations, armed forces, states & countries. We fly flags at sporting events for spirit & unity, we hang flags outside building for unity & identity, we carry flags to convey a shared unity.

There are numerous upcoming dates that represent the deeper meanings conveyed through a flag:

  1. The Town of Apex will host Juneteenth this weekend, details here. How much do you know about the back story and symbolism of color & icon for Juneteenth. Read here.

  2. June 14 is Flag Day & July 4th is rapidly approaching - did you know there are specific rules for caring for our American flag? Indeed. Read more here.

  3. The entire month of June is PRIDE month, the rainbow flag has a deeper meaning.

  4. The 2024 Olympic Games will have the flag ceremony, as the athletes from each country wear clothing that represents their culture, and carries the flag of their country. Flags have specific colors and symbols that carry deeper messages about the people represented by that flag.

The examples in the list above represent flags that unite large groups of individuals.

Sometimes a flag is for fun or sponsorship, like this type of flag.

We have flags for the roadside, festival booth, farmer's market stand, flags that adhere to the top or side of your tent, flags to carry for sports teams, table top flags for information, body flags and we've even done garden flags!

Our showroom has fabric swatches and examples of a variety of different types of flags to start the process of designing your own signature flag.

Unfurl your message with a signature flag!

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