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Unwrap the Magic of the Holiday Season

The holiday season is the perfect time to show appreciation to colleagues, clients, and employees with products that provide joy.

What are some of our favorite holiday-themed, low-cost items that will bring a fun, cheery mood to this holiday season?

Holiday-themed puzzles are a great choice for businesses that offer engagement. Organizations like schools, marketing agencies, and healthcare institutions can gift holiday puzzles to staff & patrons promoting problem-solving or teamwork skills. Put our expert graphic design team to work to create something custom for you!

Holiday place mats are a practical, decorative choice for many professions.

  • Hotels & restaurants can enhance the dining experience by using themed place mats, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  • Businesses can host holiday events & meetings with festive place mats, reinforcing company culture and values.

  • Nonprofit organizations can use holiday place mats as part of fundraising efforts, offering them as incentives for donations.

A younger audience will love these holiday stencils & sticker sheets that are interactive and customizable. Having stencils with fun cut-out shapes that represent the holidays allows people to create a fun holiday scene themselves. Stickers are also a fun way to create a holiday scene that promotes your message at the same time. These are a perfect choice for souvenirs during the holiday season as a way for people to remember your brand and have fun!

Customized holiday boxes are perfect for packaging gifts and goodies. Use these boxes to package your holiday creations, adding value to the products inside. These boxes also help create a memorable unboxing experience for everyone who receives one. Remember we have been designing custom boxes for years- plus the shipping. These tasks are areas we shine as an experienced partner.

For more low-cost fun items for this holiday season check our website here: Promotional Partners.

Did you know all the products featured here are with one of our women-owned partnerships! That's doubling up on you woman-owned partners when you team up with us.

Also, in additional to being NC HUB Status woman-owned, we are part of the Town of Apex MWBE program?

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