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Use Your Thinking Cap!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Happy National Hat Day! You know we love taking advantage of national dates for all things promotions - that's why we enjoy providing you these resources! Hold on to your hats because we've got some great ideas for how to use a cap for your next promotion.

Caps and beanies offer a lot of flexibility for branding in the apparel category, but why?

  1. Unlike jackets and shirts, sizing isn't required. In fact, one size usually fits all which makes them perfect for a large group distribution.

  2. Instant unity or identification. It's easy to spot individuals in a crowd, especially if you're looking for someone in your group or you already recognize the design.

  3. Impulse purchases. Hats are great for merchandise tents and retail sales; purchase and wear

  4. Weather beater. Rain or shine, hot or cold - attendees will look for headgear.

  5. Commemorative. Its a collectible; making them perfect for a yearly event or just to serve as a reminder of your organization or as a symbol of belonging.

What are some ways you could use hats?

  • Brand launches

  • Sponsor donations

  • Gifts

  • Identification for employees

  • Fundraising

  • Commemorative

Do you know the differences in profiles?

High Profile. A term used for a cap or hat silhouette that is less fitted to the head with a high slope. Usually structured with buckram or other stiff fabric lining.

Mid Profile. A term used for a cap or hat silhouette that is in between that of a High and Low profile. Most often structured with buckram.

Low Profile. A term used for a cap or hat silhouette that is more closely fitted to the head. Can be either structured or unstructured.

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