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Virtual Engagement, Grows Sales

Ready for 5G? Would you like the ability to engage with the consumer holding your product? Send them messages or ask them questions?

Data collection with products - it's a reality!

Whether embedded into a product or applied as stickers to existing products, this type of technology is cutting edge. No app to download, does not require batteries and if embedded, it’s washable without damage; how's that for ease of use?

Applications for use:

  • Seasonal coupons or alerts about an upcoming event

  • Generate lucky winner - a free trip to next conference

  • Journal - create interactive polling or surveys all year to gauge learning from the event

  • Unite attendees at events at a global level

  • Offer advantage of real-time data collection from the recipient- big data collection

  • Adaptable programming for style preferences to user around purchasing habits, areas of interest or e-learning

  • Suggest companion pieces for items already purchased to make a set

  • Seasonal offerings for your retail location

  • More booth engagement at events for all attendees

  • Can apply stickers to goods sold in the past to add more value now.

Who's ready for this type of technology integration?

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