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Ways to Cool Down Summer Heat!

Connection is about being in the right place, at the right time.

It's been HOT!

Staying cool is on everyone's mind.

Outdoor events are popular in summer months, but the temp's heat up attendees.

Offer shoppers and visitors something to keep them cool now & later.

Consider mega prizes, like a BruMate Bru Tank!

Beat summer heat with product that provide ways to chill out.

Portable Fans- shopping downtown between stores

Personal Misting- outdoor concerts

Cooling Towels- those working outdoors or fitness enthusiasts

Chill Scarves- for those volunteering or working outside

Ice Packs- to take home cold foods

Decorative ice cubes- as gifts or beverage stores

BruMate Bru Tank- try a contest to win one of these coolers- bet you'll get folks to sign up

Each of these products is a useful way to connect.

What's your favorite product for staying cool?

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