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Freshman orientation and back to school shopping lists for college students are going to look a little different this year! Focus on products that promote healthy habits and preventing the spread of germs, will be top of mind. Modern classics like power banks and phone & tech sanitizing products are a must! Aside from students, the staff will appreciate efforts to promote safety.

Let's take a look at some options!

Masks & Gaiters

These have been our favorite out of all the options, not to mention they provide the opportunity for full color. A great way to maximum school spirit!

Touch-Free Keys

Reduce hands-on contact with high-traffic surfaces like door handles, ATM buttons, and touchscreens. It's even got a retractable ID holder for students, faculty, and staff.

Phone & Electronic Sanitizers

Our cell phones are dirtier than we think. A phone sanitizer and/or keyboard sanitizer will be much appreciated. upload the sell sheets I put in the VIP section, Hirsch gift has some too.

See-through style is security-friendly, plus the PVC material is easy to wipe clean of dirt and germs.

Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle 17oz

Vacuum insulated bottles are already popular for staying hydrated – and with people avoiding water fountains and vending machines, they're great for filling up at home.

Color Pop Earbuds With Microphone

It's always nice to have an extra pair of earbuds for walking around campus or working out at the rec center for hands-free communication.

Dip Trip

For those late-night food runs, plus they're just plain fun! No one likes sauceless nuggets. The Dip Trip lets you no longer worry about holding and dipping.

Power Bank

A pocket-size pick-me-up for your phone!

Welcome planner

Planners are get to help students and instructors with their retention of information and provide them with a central hub for thoughts. Pro Tip: add a QR Code to scan for quick directions, maps, etc.

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