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What Happened in 1777?

What happened in 1777? Probably a lot but without social media we don't have a Tik-Tok to rewatch! Duet & react.

The United States Flag is all over the place, from schools, to front yards, and even stadiums, but did you know there is a day dedicated to celebrating it?

Flag Day is right upon us, but not many people are familiar with the meaning. Flag Day is a day to celebrate the national flag of the United States. The United States adopted the stars and stripes as their national flag on June 14th, 1777. Ever since then we have taken this day each year to celebrate the flag.

One of the best ways to celebrate flag day is to get your own American Flag to show off and celebrate. Do you know the best way to care for your flag? Read more in this post.

Did you know we actually sell a variety of custom flags? No matter what your needs are, or what you want on a flag we are able to help out. Next time you are in Apex swing by our showroom and take a peek at our sample flags. Our graphics team would love to design something for your "island" or boat!

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