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What Makes You Tick?

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

An integrated marketing strategy combines multiple channels of communication tools & media to share one's message. Our company advocates the power of tangible touch to target your brand message to your consumer markets, touch is a powerful tactical, sensory influence. How exactly does an image, a sound, a message touch your heart & mind?

A campaign that makes us roar like Tony the Tiger or sing the Band-Aid brand jingle so frequently that we assume all bandages are Band-Aids - has made an undeniable impact.

Today's marketer has a crowded field of competitors, messages and channels to communicate. Thanks to social media platforms, unless you pin your post at the top of your page - it's constantly rotating new messages. Finding a way to share what makes your brand tick is not merely trying out a tik-tok post; it's about connecting in a way that will invite dialogue.

How does our own team approach our marketing challenges? Probably much like your company. We brainstorm & kick around ideas. When it comes to our own marketing efforts, Arien pointed out, "it's harder when you are in it, to see what makes you unique." Sometimes you know yourself so well, your message can become confusing; trying to include too much. Even focusing on details without mass appeal can also dilute your intent.

Like our clients, our marketing campaigns start with a concept. Since we are fortunate to have a visual team, we play out how the graphic design will look whenever we toss around an idea. We also apply our punny side to how a product's features can contribute to the message we're seeking to convey. There will be a tangible aspect because it's not just statistical data that proves touch works, it's our own growth over the past 13 years. Like your brand, gaining followers or engagement to our message on social media requires testing content, tracking impressions and considering fresh approaches to ways to communicate. Communication happens when we are able to exchange ideas and inspire discussion; otherwise, we are the only one talking!

Luckily for our team, our newest teammate, Arien Harris, decided that becoming a pediatrician was not her career path, so she switched gears and pursued a BS in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing, as well as an MS in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University. Her academic lessons were applied to real-world applications over several internships, which eventually lead her feet to our doorstep- because she loves coffee. However, she stayed because of a culture of "being one's self". Learn more about Arien in our next post!

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