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What's A Top Stitch?

It's an embroidery term and just one of the many terms that our favorite North Carolina patch company, Suntex Industries, uses to describe how a patch is constructed. Each month we feature graphic tips and explore how we can make industry terms relatable to your order needs. Custom patches are a perfect example of how the contours or outline of a shape can be turned into a patch, while more challenging contours can be reduced to a cut to shape image. When a patch is cut to shape, there is still some fabric around the stitched areas, but the bulk of the extra fabric is removed to focus on the elements of the design.

Patches are a popular way to show identification, showcase merit or provide unity to a group. Given the low cost and flexibility to design size and shape, this type of product is also a clever way to demonstrate support or remember a loved one. We recently created some peel & stick patches for a high school baseball team to adhere to their caps in remembrance of an avid supporter, gone too soon.

A custom design and card can be inserted in an envelope to students sent home early from college, to local businesses to show support for buying local or to employees at home as a way to stay connected in spirit and unity.

Custom projects are one of our favorite tasks, no catalog or website image required to select; instead your vision is created!

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