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What's Been Trending Since 30,000 BC?

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

The origin of embroidery can be dated back to 30,000 BC, with fossilized remains that show evidence of hand-stitched clothing, boots and hats. Embroidery involves stitching thread into a garment or accessory, creating a dimensional effect with minimal fading.

February is National Embroidery Month, so let's explore this popular decoration method. What are some key factors in determining if this is the right method for your next project?

  • We start by reviewing your logo file to determine the number of stitches required for a quality reproduction as well as to avoid challenges. For example, complex logos with small lettering, details and shading are difficult to recreate.

  • Since threads themselves can add bulk to a design, it’s better to choose this decoration method for thicker fabrics. Keep in mind that embroidery isn’t suitable to recreate all logos & artwork. Our design team can modify your logo, with your permission to create a better digitized design.

  • The next step in the process is digitizing. Not all digitizing is the same. Too few stitches to recreate the logo and the outcome will look incomplete. Too many stitches or too large, the price per unit will be expensive. Expertise matters. Take a look at this image, then watch the video clip to learn the back story behind this Tostitos design.

The next step is selecting your garments from our showroom collection and determining what type of embroidery style will fit your project needs.

Which trends are hot for embroidery this year?

Varsity Block Lettering for the preppy look, Monograming and Unique Placements.

What types of apparel are trending?

Unisex- gender neutral, comfy casual and sustainable.

Our blog discusses trends for decoration and apparel styles, but our showroom offers you the ability to try on apparel for size, feel the fabric, compare the options and of course check out embroidery options to select the garment & decoration that's right for your project.

Which trends and embroidery methods appeal to you?

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