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What's Behind A Daydream?

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Daydreaming certainly leads to inspiration, but rarely do dreams become realities without planning & consistency. Did you know December is National Write a Business Plan Month? Since opening our doors in 2007, we've always used December as the month to reflect on what's worked & what needs to be retooled for the following year.

Before you can articulate your vision to others, it's important to compile ideas & organize your strategies; which is the backbone of a business plan.

Make sure your plan:

  • Identifies the national dates that relate to what your business offers, your charitable efforts, your core values and let that showcase the personality of your brand

  • Outlines the networking/pipeline/sales strategies around your yearly goals

  • Reviews & evaluates which methods were previously stale or unproductive to replace with innovative approaches, while building on the success of promotions

  • Has ways to highlight the value you offer consumers

  • Offers interaction with your consumer base through events

  • Recognizes employee efforts & milestones of achievement

  • Highlights your industry events & merits

  • Demonstrates your footprint within the community

  • Outlines your monthly, quarterly and yearly financial goals - with qualifiable strategies

  • Create dates as touchpoints to assess your yearly goals - track & analyze your progress

  • Includes us! We love it when our partners ask us to create a framework or include us in their marketing & sales team meetings. Why? Promotions run smoother and we are proactive to your needs.

Most of all, take action now. Dream big, then apply pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard to start drafting your ideas for a cohesive and actionable for 2022.

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