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What’s Draining Your Energy?


According to HealthSpan, 97% of people say they are tired most of the time and 70% employees say they are sometime, very often or always burned out according to Gallup. To counteract this, The Energy Project suggest taking a break every 90 minutes to increase your focus by 30%.

How can you help your employees? Encourage work walks or walking meetings. Get them excited by giving out custom shoes, creating a shoelace challenge, having reminders on coaster or mouse pads. Create friendly competition by recording key times using smart watches!

Keep stress at a minimum by learning to set boundaries between work and home. Outsource activities that you can afford to leave off your to do list if it gains you time with family.


Did you know that inadequate sleep costs US companies more than $63 billion a year in lost productivity (American Academy of Sleep Medicine)?

Most Americans would be happier and healthier and safer if they just sleep and extra 80-90 minutes per night (American Psychological Association). How can you help your employees feel more rested the next morning?

Consider gifting sleep masks, noise reduction headphones, blue light glasses to wear during work, and even white noise machines.


According to the Center of Disease Control, only 12.2% of Americans eat the recommended daily standard of fruit and only 9.3% eat the recommended amount of vegetables. How’s your diet?

Besides feeling better, did you know that the CDC suggests that a 1% reduction in dietary health risks such as weight, blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol would save the average person $83-$103 in medical costs each year.

Promote a healthy diet among your employees by gifting a health journal,food pyramid magnet or keychain, or even a bento box! Encouraging a healthy diet goes hand in hand with building and maintaining a healthy immune system.


The CDC states that just 23% of US adults meet the federal guidelines for exercise. Exercising lightly for just 20 minutes a day 3 times a week decreases fatigue and boosts energy (University of Georgia).

Jump ropes, yoga mats, and resistance bands are great starter items for encouraging exercise for all fitness levels.

Create a wellness program that encourages less stress, more sleep, a healthy diet, and exercise. A program that encourages participants and creates a judgement free environment will be sure to capture the attention of those looking to make a change.

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